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Dr. Syed Sajidul Islam
"First, my hearty congratulations to all of you for successfully
clearing the Higher Secondary examination. This is the time to savour your success as well as think constructively about your future course of studies and career... "
Subject Combinations for Honours Course for the Session 2016-2017
Honours Subject Combination Subject
ENGLISH Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology/Phy Education
SANSKRIT Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology/Phy Education
PHILOSOPHY English/Sanskrit, Education, Sociology/Phy Education
HISTORY Bengali, Geography, Education, Music
SOCIOLOGY English/Sanskrit, Philosophy, Pol Science/Phy Education
BENGALI Geography, Education, History/Music, Philosophy
GEOGRAPHY Bengali, Education, History/ Music
EDUCATION Bengali, Geography, History/ Music, Philosophy
Pol. Science English, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Sociology/ Phy Education
Subject Combinations for General Course for the Session 2016-2017
Students to select any 1 Group, then any 3 subjects from that group :
Group A Eng / Sans, Phil, Pol Sc, Socio / Phy. Edu.
Group B Beng, Geo, Edu, His/ Music
Compulsury Subject
(Both for Honours & General)
Compulsory English (Part -I)
Compulsory Bengali (Part -I)
Environmental Studies (Part -III)
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